Have you ever thought how unhappy you are, how unfair life is? Somebody has everything but not you. Luck and money are somebody else’s lot, but not yours. Such thoughts sometimes come to an average person’s mind. If you want to get rid of these obsessive miserable ideas go to an orphanage. An orphanage for children with special needs, for example. Left by the parents in the maternity homes as too heavy burdens to carry during life, needless for the society such children survive only thanks to the love and patience of their care-givers. It’s hard to imagine where those people take forces, patience and compassion to care about kids. A lot of children with special needs require special medical qualification of the care-givers, professional skills to maintain the kid’s health at least in a satisfactory condition.

There are numerous internet sites of the charity funds raising money for different needs of the orphanages. A lot of sites describe cases of children requiring urgent medical help. Lengthy names of medical diagnoses, children’s brief life stories with their photos, bank accounts for donating money – all these things leave a depressing feeling after visiting a site. If you want to do something good – sponsor a child in Ukraine. Even small sums of money taken together can be enough to pay for somebody’s operation, to buy medicine or to pay the rehabilitation course.

Touching life stories of children with special needs will not allow you to complain of misfortune. Your life will seem a miracle. If you are healthy physically and mentally, if you have a family and friends, every day you go to work (now beloved one), why not let your dreams come true? Your dream may be to become famous or rich, and a dream of a special needs kid from an orphanage may be to make a step without anyone’s help or to say a word. Do you feel the difference

The way the society cares about special needs children shows how mature it is. Maturity means responsibility – ability to recognize such children as members of the society with the same rights as its other members; providing such kids with good living conditions; employing highly-qualified staff able to ease and improve the life of kids. Love, mercy, compassion, empathy, generosity are those virtues that make us human and humane. If you have them you will never feel unhappy.